Personal Injury

When a personal injury has you suffering and unable to work, you need an ally that can help you obtain compensation. McGavick Graves, P.S., helps injured persons throughout the Tacoma area with skilled personal injury representation.

What We Do

Our firm leads the way to pursue payment of medical expenses, therapy and lost wages. We also advocate for our clients’ compensation for the pain and suffering they go through after their injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We provide needed assistance to victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents. We hold the collision perpetrators responsible for injuries and wrongful deaths due to car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

Property Injuries

It may seem minor at the time, but a slip-and-fall injury can produce significant damage such as broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. The owner or manager of a premises has the responsibility to keep their property maintained properly, posting warnings for possibly dangerous areas as needed. This includes injuries happening at retail stores, parking lots and other public spaces.

Product Injuries

An injury from a defective product can derail your life without a moment’s notice. We provide comprehensive legal services for product liability injuries ranging from defective toys to medical devices and including:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive parts
  • A variety of consumer products

Our lawyers are experienced in forming a case strategy based on the facts surrounding the injury.

Practicing Attorneys