Municipalities & Gov. Assistance

The attorneys and staff at McGavick Graves, P.S., have a broad range of experience with municipal issues. We have attained this experience through our continuous representation of municipalities and local government entities, as well as representation of businesses in the utility, financial and construction industries that regularly work with government entities. The breadth of that experience is much greater than the limited experience gained from the representation of just one government entity.

Our More Than Two Decades Of Experience Includes:

  • Serving as city attorney, town attorney and general counsel for Puget Sound government entities
  • Providing legal advice to department heads, elected officials, boards and council members
  • Providing training on issues relating to environmental regulation, employment, risk management, legal processes, general government, public records, appearance of fairness and conflict of interest issues
  • Drafting ordinances, resolutions, codes and other documents necessary in the normal course of government business
  • Responding to public records requests
  • Assisting in the preparation of land use ordinances and comprehensive plan updates
  • Successfully defending against and prosecuting land use petitions (LUPA) through the Court of Appeals
  • Appearing before the Growth Management Hearings Boards
  • Handling annexation issues
  • Handling all issues related to the construction of millions of dollars worth of municipal facilities, including buildings, streets, water reservoirs and various utility projects

Along with:

  • Resolving claims arising out of public works’ projects
  • Forming local improvement districts
  • Handling labor grievances, civil service hearings, arbitrations, whistleblower claims and other employment-related litigation
  • Drafting/updating Civil Service regulations
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements
  • Successfully defending through the Court of Appeals a claim against a municipal entity for wrongful termination
  • Handling complex employment-related issues including disciplinary and termination proceedings
  • Handling complex litigation involving tax, employment and tort issues
  • Drafting complex real estate and financial documents
  • Handling abatement of nuisance proceedings and other code enforcement actions

Practicing Attorneys